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What a busy four months we’ve had!  In addition to a new website, we have also added a new Facebook page (like us, and you can stop by the office for one of our amazing lip balms…absolutely FREE!!!).  We are in the process of becoming paperless as well.  We are told this transition will take up to one year before we are completely there.  So far it’s been an interesting process.

We also have a new patient portal for you-if you contact us, we can set it up for you.  From the portal, you are able to view, check on insurance claims, and pay your account ANY time of the day or night!  It’s really very easy, and very secure also.

We have had many phone calls this spring with patients and potential patients wondering about how to whiten their teeth.  There are several different ways to do this, which we are happy to discuss with you when you come in for your examination.  We look forward to hearing from you…give us a call soon!

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