Children Dentistry

Summer is finally here…at least the kids are out of school anyways…the weather, who knows!  Now that the kids have time to spare, remember to schedule their dental check-ups early, instead of waiting until the last minute and hoping we can work with your schedule as far as getting them to their appointments!  All kids entering kindergarten for the 2013-14 school year, as well as those entering high school are required by the State of Iowa to have dental check-ups.  We do have the forms here if you need one.

Please remember as well to make sure that your kids have healthy snacks to eat…it’s so easy to have pop and chips on hand, but it’s just as easy to keep some fruit or veggies around, plus it’s not only good for their teeth, it’s good for THEM!!!  Studies have shown if younger children are given a choice, most of the time they will choose the fruit or vegetables.

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