Teeth Whitening

Everyone likes to have a nice white smile…some like the “Hollywood” smile, big, white, shiny teeth…others are content to just have a whiter smile.  But most of us normal folks enjoy things that stain our teeth…coffee, tea, soda, and maybe an occasional glass of merlot.  So, what are your options to obtain a whiter smile?  […]

Finally, it’s summer!

Summer is finally here…at least the kids are out of school anyways…the weather, who knows!  Now that the kids have time to spare, remember to schedule their dental check-ups early, instead of waiting until the last minute and hoping we can work with your schedule as far as getting them to their appointments!  All kids […]

Lots of exciting new things happening!

What a busy four months we’ve had!  In addition to a new website, we have also added a new Facebook page (like us, and you can stop by the office for one of our amazing lip balms…absolutely FREE!!!).  We are in the process of becoming paperless as well.  We are told this transition will take […]

If you would like to find out additional information on any of these or other services, please visit the American Dental Association.

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