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Everyone likes to have a nice white smile…some like the “Hollywood” smile, big, white, shiny teeth…others are content to just have a whiter smile.  But most of us normal folks enjoy things that stain our teeth…coffee, tea, soda, and maybe an occasional glass of merlot.  So, what are your options to obtain a whiter smile?  With today’s new technologies, it’s easier (and less expensive) than you might think!

There are two types of discoloration:  Extrinsic and Intrinsic.  Brushing your teeth with a whitening toothpaste will help remove the daily extrinsic stains left from tea, coffee, and wine.  Intrinsic stains, which are below the enamel, is caused by years of exposure to these staining substances and is more difficult to change.  Teeth whitening will not work on any teeth that have bonding or crowns.

When to whiten?

If you are having dental work done to your anterior teeth, typically, we would have you bleach them first for a period of time, once your desired shade is attained, they would match your dental work to the lighter shade.  If you’re thinking about doing whitening before a big “event”…prom, wedding, etc…give yourself at least a month!

Do I have options? 

Yes!  Your dentist can make the best recommendation, but here are a few options…

  1.  Professional White Strips…least expensive, but can whiten a few shades.  Misses inbetween the teeth, gets on gum tissue, and not as effective as other methods.
  2. Professional Take Home Trays…work great for long term results, fits your mouth perfectly, can use as long as you’d like, can come in and purchase more gel as needed.
  3. In Office Whitening…results are instant, takes about 30 minutes in the dental chair.

So, if this is something that you’re interested in, give us a call, or stop by, we’d be happy to take a look and discuss your options!